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Welcome to Cafe Barista

Relax & enjoy a great coffee

We crafted a space inside the Kissimmee community, to interact with good people.

Coffee is a more than a drink. Its aroma takes us home, brings memories of banal or deep conversations. We drink coffee while we solve the world problems or laugh with friends and family. Coffee is a ritual, from the moment growers collect the beans in mountains and volcanos, to the instant you brew it, and the scent wakes up your brain. In this journey, we seek to preserve and appreciate this ritual and share it with others.

We have created a space for you, for us, for all. A place where we can connect through coffee and good food, through ideas and conversation. A place where the fast-paced world takes a break and gives us a respite, so our creative and fun sides make an appearance.

Join us in this adventure! We hope to see you at Café Barista to enjoy our delicious coffee and food – hopefully, you’ll become a regular and make friends while at it. We designed this space for all of us to share and to make our own.


Welcome to Café Barista in Kissimmee, Florida! Our menu was designed around the needs and wants of our community. We are constantly adding new products or seasonal staples to satisfy your taste buds, so make sure to follow us and like us on social media to get first dibs on new delicious surprises.

Specialty Coffee



Cortadito [1 shot - 4oz.]

$3.95 [8oz.]
$4.95 [12oz.]

Cappuccino [8oz.]

Chai Latte [12oz.]

Drip Coffee
$2.75 [8oz.]
$3.25 [12oz.]

Specialty Coffee Frappé

Créme Brule
$7.75 [16oz.]

Coconut Brule
$7.75 [16oz.]

Peanut Butter Mocha
$7.75 [16oz.]

$7.75 [16oz.]

Chocolate Truffle
$7.75 [16oz.]

French Toast
$7.75 [16oz.]

Toasted Marshmallow
$7.75 [16oz.]

$7.75 [16oz.]

Almond Joy
$7.75 [16oz.]

Banana Foster
$7.75 [16oz.]

Other Drinks & Refreshers

London Fog
$5.95 [10oz.]

Butterfly Lemonade Refresher
$6.75 [16oz.]

Watermelon Lime Refresher
$6.75 [16oz.]

Yummy Specialties

*All Omelette plates include: butter toasts and chips.

The Defended Omelette
Fresh eggs with sweet plantain, bacon and Swiss cheese.

The Sheriff Omelette
Fresh eggs with chorizo, bacon and American cheese.

The Problem Omelette
Fresh eggs with turkey or honey ham, cheese, tomatoes, and spinach.

Easy Omelette
Fresh eggs with turkey or honey ham, and cheese (american or swiss.

Nutella Waffles
Cooked when ordered waffles topped with fresh fruit, Nutella, coconut flakes, and sliced almonds.

M&M's Waffles
Cooked when ordered waffles topped with chocolate M&M's, and Nutella drizzle.

Cinnamon & Pecan Waffles
Cooked to ordered waffles topped with cinnamon, and sugar glazed pecans.

Fruits, granola, and cinnamon.

Tropical Toasts
Two multigrain toasts with your choice of (almond butter, peanut butter or Nutella), sliced almonds, coconut flakes, hemp seeds, mixed berries, and bananas.

Guac Toasts
Two multigrain toasts with guacamole base, cherry tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. (mild spicy)


Choose between french bread, wheat bread, croissant or wrap.
Chips included with all sandwiches.

Provolone cheese, turkey breast, spring mix, and honey mayo

Black forest ham, and swiss or american cheese

The Judge
Swiss cheese, chicken breast, spring mix, and pesto

Fresh eggs with turkey or ham, and cheese (american or swiss)


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